Art Competition: Make AnimeSoc a Logo and Mascot

AnimeSoc needs a new Logo, and a Mascot to rally behind. We want your help in this and thus we are running a competition, with honour, glory, and prizes on the line. The winning designs will be come the official logo or mascot of the society and all submission will be featured in this year's Zine.

Post your designs and drawings in the #art channel on Discord, or email them to
Submissions are open for the whole of February, so take your time. The winning artist in each category will receive a £20 Amazon gift card, with two runners up in each category receiving a £5 gift card.

So sharpen your pencils, wet your paint brushes, and boot up your drawing software for this great competition.

Zine Submissions

If you are feeling creative, why not also write an article for the Zine? The Zine is a magazine produced by the society about once a year, detailing what we have gotten up to and filled with many anime adjacent things.

You can submit nearly anything for the Zine, such as Articles, Reviews, Guides, Drawings, Cosplay, and even wacky things I haven't thought of. You can see the previous Zines here.

Try and aim for between one and three pages, though this is flexible, and submissions are open until the Easter break, to give me a chance to edit it all together by the end of the year.

Nekomimi anime girl wearing headphones listening to sick beats.

Anime Music Night

On Wednesday the 24th of February at 7 pm we have our Anime Music Night, where we'll be watching and listening to some of the best tunes anime has to offer, DJ'ed by our very own Joe Fagan. Be sure to bring along your anime music video (AMV) suggestions!

This event will be run from our Discord.

Question mark over anime grid

Monday Anime Night

Join us every Monday at 7 pm for our weekly anime watching session. We have a set series, currently the Great Pretender, of which we will watch two episodes of per week, before watching three episodes of other anime decided by a vote at the start.

Hop on our Discord to join in.

Pile of manga

Manga Book Club

We have a manga book club meeting every two weeks. We read the first volume of a manga and then meet up on the Discord to discuss it and rate the manga.

The next session is discussing Baka ga Zenra de Yattekuru, a comedy seinen, involving a pair of writers and a naked idiot barging into their university welcome ceremony.
 We will be meeting on Wednesday the 3rd of March at 7 pm, and will be discussing all 9 chapters.

Stopwatch graphic

Shorts Night

On Wednesday the 10th of March at 7 pm we have a shorts night. Short anime give a window into a world of 4-koma manga and wacky side projects that you just don't get in full length projects, so be sure to join us on Discord. Our social secretary Dom has picked out some great shows, but feel free to bring suggestions as well.

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