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Meet and Greet

Saturday, Jan 30th at 7 pm: Meet & Greet!!, the sequel to the first Meet & Greet! back in September, the Meet & Greet!! will be an online social over Discord where you can say hello to friends you've made at the society and hopefully say hello to some fresh faces. If you've never introduced yourself at the society or are thinking of joining the society this semester to meet people, the Meet & Greet!! is the place to do it.

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Monday Anime Night

Join us every Monday at 7 pm for our weekly anime watching session. We have a set series which we will watch two episodes of per week, before watching three episodes of other anime decided by a vote at the start.

Hop on our Discord to join in.

Pile of manga

Manga Book Club

We have a manga book club meeting every two weeks. We read the first volume of a manga and then meet up on the Discord to discuss it and rate the manga.

The next session is discussing Girls' Last Tour, a post apocalyptic journey/slice of life manga. We will be meeting on Wednesday the 3rd of February at 7 pm, and as we have had an extended break we will be reading the entire series (5 volumes).

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Kahoot Quiz

Saturday, Feb 6th at 7 pm: A Kahoot Quiz to test your anime knowledge. Hope you've been watching anime over the break to see if you've improved. Be sure to make your own Kahoot quizzes to bring before the event, any anime-adjacent topic is fine - we'd love to see what you guys will make!

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