AnimeSoc Nottingham

We are the University of Nottingham's resident Anime Society; bringing together fans of anime, manga and all Japanese otaku media.

We exist to serve as a place for anime fans to provide our members with anime throughout the year and to make a place to meet others with the similar interest through our organised events.

Whatever your interests are and whatever your taste is, be it weeaboo greenhorn or seasoned otaku, we encourage you to come along and make your after-school anime club dreams come true!

Upcoming Events

From our manga book club to anime screenings, check here to find out what the society has coming up.

MyAnimeList Grid

Over the past few years we have watched a lot of anime in the society. Find out what we have watched.

Our Committee

These are the people who are running the society this year, and they are also who you should approach if you have any queries or questions. You can contact them on Discord (@Committee) or via email at

GenSec Fin
General Secretary

President Matt

Hello people, I'm Matt and I am your President for the 2023/24 year. I'm a 3rd year history student, my favourite anime are the Monogatari Series, JoJo and Clannad and I'm also own all of the Berserk manga physically, which I think is sort of cool. Any questions about the society, feel free to ask me!

Mascot Cameron

Yo, I'm Cameron and I'm the mascot. I have been a part of the society since 2018 and have seen a LOT of anime (300 days on mal) because I have been in it. Watching anime with others is one of my favourite things to do along with discussing anime in general so don't be afraid to talk to me about anime

Social Sec Tom
Social Secretary

Treasurer Joe

Comms Officer Kailen
Comms Officer

Hey, I'm Kailen and I'm the Comms officer for this year. I'm a ChemEng student and my favourite anime include Overlord, ReLife and Tensura. I try to give everything a watch that comes my way and love chatting about it, so feel free to drop me a message!

Welfare Officer Tim
Welfare Officer

Heyo, I'm Timothy, the Welfare Officer and a History and Politics student who cycles and watches anime too much. My favourite anime are Kara no Kyoukai, Kino's Journey and Katanagatari, though I'm a Type-Moon fan and I'll watch or read anything (no matter how bad it may be).

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