The Archives

Delve into the history of the society by looking through the archives.

We every year (or so) we produce a magazine full of articles written by our members. You can find them all here:

Zine 00
Zine 01
Zine 02
Zine 03
Zine 04
Zine 05
Zine 06
Zine 07
Zine 08
Zine 09
Zine 10
Zine 11

Every other week on Wednesday we run a manga book club where we read a volume of manga and meet up to discuss it. At each of these session we produce a review, and you can find them all here:

SPY×FAMILY (14/10/2020)
Can You Become A Magical Girl? (28/10/2020)
Way of the House Husband (11/11/2020)
20th Century Boys (25/11/2020)
I'm a Villainous Daughter, so I'm going to keep the Last Boss (09/12/2020)

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